Criminal Defense

A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will result in a driver’s license suspension, jail time, a fine and other serious criminal penalties. A DUI conviction may make it difficult or impossible to secure employment in many different fields. While most lawyers offer representation to persons charged with DUI, many do nothing more than collect a fee and stand beside their client as he or she enters a guilty plea. A competent and capable DUI attorney will review the case with an eye towards dismissal if possible, and negotiate a plea as a last resort. Our firm is experienced in handling DUI cases in all courts in Northwest Georgia including Bartow, Cobb, and Gordon County, and in municipal courts in Emerson, Cartersville, Acworth, Marietta, Calhoun and Adairsvlle.  We will provide you with the representation you deserve. To submit your case to our firm for review by an attorney, click here.

Drug Offenses
Drug offenses make up the majority of cases in our courtrooms today. A conviction of nearly any drug offense, including simple possession of marihuana, will often result in a driver’s license suspension, as well as a fine, probation and even jail time. The so-called “War on Drugs” has unquestionably become a “War on our Family, Friends and Neighbors,” as otherwise law-abiding citizens are charged and convicted (with lifelong consequences) of drug offenses under draconian laws and Orwellian enforcement tactics. While we certainly do not condone the use of dangerous drugs, our firm vigorously represents persons charged with offenses relating to drugs. If you are accused of a drug offense, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. For a free online case evaluation, click here and let us know more about your case, or contact us.

Probation Violations
A conviction for many criminal offenses may result in time on probation. Probation is essentially a jail sentence which is served outside of jail. If a probationer is accused of violating his probation, a probation warrant may be issued, and the judge may revoke some or all of the remaining time on probation. Our firm represents probationers at revocation hearings to contest charges and/or to petition the court for alternatives to prison sentences. If you would like to consult with our firm regarding a probation matter, contact us.

Shoplifting is a common “first time” offense for people who have never before been charged with a crime. Often, a shoplifting offense is the result of a poor, impulsive decision. Under certain circumstances, shoplifting can be a felony, with a maximum penalty of ten years in prison. In many cases, particularly where the person charged has no prior record, the case can be handled with a plea negotiation without a resulting criminal conviction. If you have been charged with shoplifting, you need legal representation as soon as possible. To speak with an attorney about your case, contact us today.

Felonies or Misdemeanors
Any violation of federal or state law is a serious issue, which can have long-lasting consequences often unforeseen by those charged with crimes. A felony conviction will result in the loss of civil rights such as the right to vote, hold public office or to possess firearms. A misdemeanor under the laws of the State of Georgia can carry up to twelve months in jail and a fine of $1,000, or even $5,000.00 if the misdemeanor is “high and aggravated.” If you have been charged with a crime, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel immediately. To speak with an attorney about your case, contact us.

Driving Offenses
Our firm represents persons charged with driving offenses in all courts of the state. Often we can negotiate a plea which will result in fewer (or no) points on your driving record, which can save thousands in future insurance premiums. We routinely represent commercial drivers charged with driving offenses that could result in a suspension of their commercial license, and their ability to earn a living. If you have been cited for a driving offense, contact us to speak with someone about your case.

To ensure that a trial was conducted fairly, litigants are entitled to file an appeal with an appellate court. Our firm has successfully represented numerous people convicted of a crime following a jury trial. After a successful appeal, a criminal conviction may be reversed, or a new trial may be granted. Click one of the links below to read some of the appellate decisions reached in cases handled by our firm: Mercer Jenkins Pruitt If you would like to appeal an adverse ruling, judgment or verdict in your case, it is vital that you contact an attorney immediately. In most cases, appellate courts mandate strict filing deadlines in order to receive a review of a judgment, verdict or ruling. To discuss your case with an attorney from our firm, click contact us.