Family Law

Sadly, millions of marriages end each year in divorce. Our firm encourages those with marital difficulties to seek counseling to salvage a difficult marriage. When divorce has become the final option, our firm vigorously represents our clients to ensure that the system treats them fairly, and to protect their interests during one of the most difficult and vulnerable times in their lives. If you and your spouse are considering divorce, contact us for a free case evaluation.

Child Custody
No matter is ever more important than those involving children. Our firm offers counsel and representation in matters involving child custody and visitation. We are available to file and defend suits for custody, legitimation, paternity and modification of custody in all Juvenile and Superior Courts throughout the state. If you are concerned about a child custody matter, contact us for a free case evaluation.

Legal Separation
Often parties in a marriage separate but do not wish to file for divorce for moral or religious reasons. In all cases, we respect the religious and moral convictions of our clients. In some cases, our clients choose to file for a legal separation, also known as a Petition for Separate Maintenance, to enable the parties to separate while providing support for the children and the less financially secure spouse. If you are contemplating a legal separation from your spouse or if your spouse has filed against you, contact us to discuss your case.

Georgia courts routinely issue orders regarding custody/visitation of minor children, child support, and alimony. When a party to a court order refuses to comply, and withholds visitation or child support, the proper remedy is to seek an order placing the violator in contempt of court. Most courts vigorously enforce their orders, and can ensure compliance with the threat (or order) of jail time. Our firm both brings and defends contempt actions in courts throughout Northwest Georgia If your ex-spouse or any other person is violating a court order to your detriment, contact us to for a free case evaluation.

Child Support Collection
Our firm represents parents in actions to collect back child support. Georgia Courts enforce child support orders with the threat of incarceration until payment is made. In some cases, a child support collection matter can be handled on a contingency basis without up front expense for attorney fees. If you would like to discuss your case with an attorney, click here and let us know about your case.

An adoption is one of the most pleasant cases handled by our firm, and the day an adoption is finalized is a joyful one indeed. We handle adoptions by step-parents, relatives, and third parties. At times we work with private adoption agencies or with the Department of Family and Children Services. A legal adoption is one of the most complicated legal proceedings, and if you are contemplating adopting a child, you should retain qualified legal counsel. Our firm is available to represent you in an adoption proceeding. If you would like more information, please click here and tell us about your circumstances.

Father’s Rights
Our firm recognizes that fathers often face an uphill battle when they seek custody of their children. In fact, many attorneys are reluctant to even represent a father seeking custody or a visitation schedule more extensive than the “standard” schedule. Our firm is willing to fight for a father’s rights in court, and to seek custody and liberal visitation as appropriate in each case. We understand that your case is unique and is worthy of our full attention and diligence. For a free evaluation of your case, contact us today.